Hi, I’m Sonja Walker.

I’m the founder of Kids First Children’s Services and the author of Amazon #1 best-selling book School Ready: A practical and supportive guide for parents with sensitive kids. 

I’ve been a teacher for than 30 years and I lead an award-winning team of psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists and teachers that has supported more than 11,000 children and families in the past 11 years.

I’m known for helping kids (and their parents and teachers) to thrive, and not just cope, as they navigate the ups and downs of preschool, school and life.

A unique perspective


In addition to my professional roles, I’m also the proud mum of a child with unique needs who has successfully navigated the Australian school system.

As a mother, I’ve felt the very real worry, fear and frustration that comes from feeling that teachers, other parents and even school principals just didn’t ‘get it’.

As a teacher, I’ve sat on the other side of the desk at parent-teacher interviews too. I’ve experienced the challenge of trying to meet children’s individual needs while simultaneously dealing with constraints like insufficient time, funding and resources.

As a private practice leader, I talk to thousands of parents, teachers and other professionals every year and this gives me a unique insight into the challenges that families and schools face.

Empowering parents and teachers

I understand that the last thing parents and teachers need is one more ‘expert’ who makes them feel like they’re getting it all wrong!

That’s why I’m on a mission to empower parents and professionals with the practical, sensitive strategies they need to become champions for the children in their care.

As a teacher, author and speaker, I’m committed to sharing common-sense solutions to the everyday everyday problems that kids, families and teachers face.

I’d love to support you and the children in your life.