We have had the pleasure of having Sonja present professional development workshops for our staff and seminars for our parents on several occasions over the past six years. She is a consummate professional who is passionate about the work she does. She provides client families and other professionals in the field with support and relevant practical information and strategies, always couched in professional terms and with sensitivity.

Sonja has a natural talent for hearing what people are saying and responding to them with compassion. As a mother who has faced many issues herself, she is empathetic with other families’ situations and can offer insightful support and suggestions very capably.

Sonja shows genuine care about helping others and goes out of her way to respond quickly and efficiently to whatever is asked of her. She shows concern and real interest in others, especially where either emotional or practical help is needed, and cares strongly about the outcomes. She always follows through with actions and continue to offer support as needed.

Sue Burling
Director of Forestville UnitingCare Preschool



Sonja, I greatly admire you for the wisdom, compassion, strength and commitment you consistently show to those who come to you…Your knowledge base is incredible and your integrity and professionalism is remarkable.

I have visited Kids First Children’s Services three times a week for more than a year with my two boys and have witnessed first-hand your generosity, kindness and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for your clients and staff. Nothing seems to faze you and I have seen you give of your time willingly, despite your workload…You are an incredible woman – an inspiration, and an asset to the society in which we live.


Kylie Ouvrier
Parent of two children with autism



I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Sonja Walker for several years and am consistently amazed by her energy, focus, passion and absolute commitment to the families and children that she cares for through Kids First.

The qualities I most admire in Sonja are her empathy, integrity, insight and expertise and these are tangibly expressed in the way that she has so successfully grown Kids First into a highly regarded education and health centre that parents like me rely on. Her passion for her business and its role in the community has seen her attract a team of professional and caring staff around her that share her vision of empowering parents to be the champions of their children’s development.

As a parent, I have complete confidence in her expertise and have entrusted both of my children to her when I have had particular concerns about their confidence and skills.

As a fellow small business owner, I am in awe of her energy and breadth of vision that sees her consistently expand and enrich the range of services that she offers through Kids First for all families, particularly those with special needs.

Angela Raspass

Parent & CEO of Ideas into Action



Sonja has presented twice to our employee diversity network on family-related topics, and has on both occasions provided interesting, relevant and practical information for parents, and more specifically for working parents. She speaks with a great deal of energy and enthusiasm and employees leave feeling that someone understands their issues, and that there are real and pragmatic ways to make changes for themselves and their families, and to help them deal with the parenting issues that they are facing. We are having Sonja back later this year to speak again on a third and completely different topic.

Nicholas Vasudeva
Chairman of Deutsche Bank Families Diversity Network