School Readiness: Does chronological age affect school readiness?

The age at which children start school is a big issue in some parts of Australia where children can start school as young as 4 years and 9 months, but can also be ‘held back’ until the year they turn six.

Some parents judge their child’s readiness for school by whether or not they can perform academic skills such as counting, saying the alphabet or writing their name.

But research tells us that your child’s ability to get along with other children is a strong predictor of his or her success at school.

To be truly ready for school, young children need to learn social skills that will help them to function as well adjusted members of a group.

So you see, your child’s age may not be the best indicator of school readiness.

Find out more about the impact of chronological age on school readiness in the 3 minute video below.

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