Building Better Behaviour with Your Child

The challenge of managing children’s behaviour is a common challenge for parents.
Strong-willed children and worn out mums and dads can be an explosive combination, even in the most loving homes.

So, do you think that some easy and practical tips for helping your children to behave better would come in handy?

“Building Better Behaviour with Your Child” is one of Sonja’s most popular presentations…and it’s easy to see why.
It’s packed with common-sense ideas that are not only based on current research, but also really work.
This down-to-earth program for parents and carers will help you to raise well behaved, happy and capable kids and put the fun back into being a parent.

Who is this seminar for?

Mums, dads, carers and anyone who is responsible for raising children who are under the age of 10.

What can I expect from this event?

  • Easy to understand explanations for children’s challenging behaviours
  • Simple ideas for managing your child in the heat of the moment
  • Problem solving suggestions for tools and resources that you can use at home
  • A better understanding of your relationship with your child
  • A better approach to behaviour management that will stand you good stead for years to come


Building Better Behaviour with Your Child can be tailored for your audience and the ages of their children. Building Better Behaviour with Your Preschooler is available for parents of children aged under 5.

The program can be shared for any duration between 45 minutes and 3 hours, depending on your requirements.

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