Communicating with Care   Seminar details >>

How to identify children with additional needs & broach the subject with their parents

Are your staff confident when talking about children’s additional needs with parents? Can they recognise the warning signs for children who experience communication, coordination and behavioural difficulties? Do they know what to say to parents and how to convey concerns effectively and compassionately? In this 3 hour workshop, your staff will learn how to identify children who have additional needs and how to share concerns with parents in a proactive and professional way.

Supporting and Managing Children’s Behaviour   Seminar details >>

Do your staff struggle to manage children’s challenging behaviours? This practical 3 hour workshop for early education professionals will give your team tips and strategies to use when children’s behaviour is challenging. Your staff will learn about the causes of some challenging behaviours so that they have a better understanding of children’s learning, social and emotional needs. I’ll suggest easy tools and resources that make a difference and also teach your team how to effectively share behaviour management strategies with parents.


We have had the pleasure of having Sonja present professional development workshops for our staff and seminars for our parents on several occasions over the past six years. She is a consummate professional who is passionate about the work she does. She provides client families and other professionals in the field with support and relevant practical information and strategies, always couched in professional terms and with sensitivity.

Sonja has a natural talent for hearing what people are saying and responding to them with compassion. As a mother who has faced many issues herself, she is empathetic with other families’ situations and can offer insightful support and suggestions very capably.

Sonja shows genuine care about helping others and goes out of her way to respond quickly and efficiently to whatever is asked of her. She shows concern and real interest in others, especially where either emotional or practical help is needed, and cares strongly about the outcomes. She always follows through with actions and continue to offer support as needed.

Sue Burling
Director of Forestville UnitingCare Preschool