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Supporting & Managing Children’s Challenging Behaviour

Practical tips for Early Educators


  • Do your staff struggle to manage children’s challenging behaviours?

Supporting children who display difficult behaviours is often a daily experience for early educators.

Your team may regularly deal with children who suffer from extreme separation anxiety, or they may cope with kids who are aggressive or non-compliant…and yet this is something that they are often not trained for or inexperienced in coping with.

While children’s individual needs are often easy to understand, it can still be challenging to deal with the disruptions they cause… and of course, there’s always the challenge of managing the difficult child while also providing a quality early education experience for the rest of the children in the group.

Challenging behaviours come in a variety of forms and in this engaging program, Sonja will support your team with advice and teams for managing 9 of the most common tricky situations that early educators face..

“Supporting & Managing Children’s Challenging Behaviour” is a practical workshop for early education professionals that will give your team tips and strategies to use with children whose behaviour is challenging.

It will provide them with information about the causes of some of the most common difficult behaviours experienced in early childhood environment and techniques for dealing with them in a positive and professional manner.

Who is this seminar for?

Teachers, early educators, preschool and school staff members

What can I expect from this event?

  • Information about the causes of some challenging behaviours
  • Tools and resources that help children and staff to overcome difficulties
  • How to effectively share behaviour management strategies with parents
  • Key contacts in the community who can assist children & support families


“Supporting & Managing Children’s Challenging Behaviour” can be tailored for your staff and can be shared for any duration between 2 and 4 hours, depending on your requirements.

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