Building Better Behaviour with Your Child   Seminar details >>

When emotion gets too much for children to handle, they sometimes experience behaviour and learning challenges. I’ve helped hundreds of families to overcome the challenges presented by strong willed under 8’s and I can help you too. In this down to earth presentation, I’ll help you to understand the things that overwhelm your kids and teach you strategies for helping your child to stay calm and behave better.

How to Choose the Right School For Your Child   Seminar details >>

Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision! In this valuable 2 hour presentation I share practical, down to earth, independent advice about what to look for in a school and what questions to ask so that you can make informed decisions about a school for your child.

How to Help Your Child Make a Successful Start to School   Seminar details >>

Although your child may be old enough to begin school soon, is he or she really ready to cope with the demands of formal schooling? This valuable presentation focuses on the many skills that children need to be successful in their first year of school and provides information, tips and advice so that you can make an informed decision about your child’s school readiness.

How to Help Your Child Make & Keep Friends   Seminar details >>

Does your child sometimes have trouble fitting in with other kids? Struggle after being excluded from their usual friendship group? Feel lonely after starting at a new school? Always want to be ‘the boss’ of games? I can give you practical tips & ideas for supporting your child’s social and friendship skills so that your child will be happier at home and school.

Homework without Tears or Tantrums   Seminar details >>

Is homework time a hassle in your household? This down-to-earth workshop is full of tips and strategies to help your children complete homework without drama. In this 2 hour workshop, parents & carers will learn how to create an environment that is conducive to children’s at-home learning. I’ll provide practical strategies for supporting children with planning and completing their homework and I’ll also connect you with easy to access resources that work.

Solving Sibling Rivalry   Seminar details >>

Do your children fight, squabble and compete with each other incessantly? Does their arguing escalate to physical fights that hurt? Are you worried that your children are developing negative behaviour habits that will get harder to manage as they get older? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this workshop could give your child and family the help you need. In this parent event, I present a supportive, practical workshop full of information, advice, and simple strategies for helping your children to follow the rules, respect each other, develop self-esteem and get along.


I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Sonja Walker for several years and am consistently amazed by her energy, focus, passion and absolute commitment to the families and children that she cares for through Kids First.

The qualities I most admire in Sonja are her empathy, integrity, insight and expertise and these are tangibly expressed in the way that she has so successfully grown Kids First into a highly regarded education and health centre that parents like me rely on. Her passion for her business and its role in the community has seen her attract a team of professional and caring staff around her that share her vision of empowering parents to be the champions of their children’s development.

As a parent, I have complete confidence in her expertise and have entrusted both of my children to her when I have had particular concerns about their confidence and skills.

As a fellow small business owner, I am in awe of her energy and breadth of vision that sees her consistently expand and enrich the range of services that she offers through Kids First for all families, particularly those with special needs.

Angela Raspass

Parent & CEO of Ideas into Action