Homework Without Tears or Tantrums

For many families, homework and assignments are a major cause of conflict.

Tired, uncertain children and equally weary and worried parents can make for a difficult mix when it comes to learning times tables or planning a project.

Sonja is an experienced teacher and mum, who has not only given and marked plenty of homework, but also survived the at-home hassles that can homework can create.

In this sensible and down-to-earth presentation, she shares practical tips for helping your child to balance the demands of homework with life as a kids.
Homework Without Tears or Tantrums is chock full of good ideas and strategies to make homework time easier at your house and is sure to make life more manageable for you and your children.

Who is this seminar for?

Mums, dads and carers of primary school aged children aged 5-16.

What can I expect from this event?

Ideas and strategies for helping your child get organised at homework time
Information to help your child plan and execute homework with the least possible fuss
Resources that you can use at home to support your child’s learning
When and how to seek advice from your child’s teacher or other professionals.


Homework Without Tears or Tantrums can be tailored for your audience and can be shared for any duration between 60 minutes and 3 hours, depending on your requirements.

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